Cemetery at Setif, Algeria

Jewish Cemetery, Setif (سطيف), Algeria. The cemetery is adjacent to the Muslim cemetery. 


As one of the coldest regions of Algeria, Setif endures winters with snow, ice, and rains. This tough weather has taken a toll on the Jewish cemetery, which lies on a hill separated from the city’s old Muslim cemetery by a wall. The neighboring Muslim cemetery pre-dates the French invasion, suggesting that the Jewish cemetery is also quite old. Given the Jewish community’s deep roots in Setif – the first synagogue was built there in the 3rd Century – the cemetery may have existed for centuries. While many gravestones have been destroyed, there is a wall surrounding most of the cemetery (the upper portion is open to the street), as well as an old man who serves as the site’s guardian. It appears few if any visitors come, aside from stray dogs.

The Jewish cemetery of Setif is separated from Muslim cemetery to the north by a wall [1]. 

Setif, Algeria

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