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Tayma, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia


TAYMA (Tema ), an oasis in northwest *Arabia, already mentioned in the Bible (Isaiah 21:14; Jeremiah 25:23; Job 6:19) with another close oasis, Dedan, as a center of water and food in Arabia, through which the caravans made their way from South Arabia (Sheba) to the Land of Israel and to Mesopotamia. Tema is mentioned as well as a descendant of Ishmael (Genesis 25:15; i Chronicles 1:30) and with the same function in an Assyrian text from the eighth century
b.c.e. Tema was one of the oldest Jewish communities in northern Arabia.  Nabonidus, the last Babylonian king (539–555), recounts in one of his
inscriptions that he built his house in Tema (542–552) [more of article is found in online library source]



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