Cemetery at Tighedouine, Morocco

This cemetery was lost to memory, and would have been physically lost, too, but for the efforts of an old Muslim Amazigh (Berber) woman. Indeed, when a European company sought to develop the land, she protested, asserting that the plot was a Jewish cemetery. As a result of her efforts, the cemetery remains, along with an olive press and farm lands that once served Jew and Amazigh alike.


Tighedouine was a small Jewish community located in the Al Haouz province near Marrakesh. The community at Tighedouine would have been the central Jewish population in the area since Jews from surrounding towns buried their family members in the Tighedouine cemetery. Tighedouine's community also included the rabbi Sabah, who was eventually buried in the Tighedouine cemetery.


Tighedouine, Morocco: Jewish Cemeteries, Homes, & More in the Foothills of the Atlas Mountains 

Raphy Elmaleh speaks about the large Jewish cemetery in Tighedouine which is believed to be around 800 years old, the Berber woman who protected it, and the rabbi Samah who is buried there.

Tighedouine , Morocco

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