Gerzengel (Gerzangel, Gir Zingil, Gar Zangl, גרזנגל, گر زنگل), Iraq

The village of Gerzengel (Gerzangel, Gir Zingil, Gar Zangl, גרזנגל, گر زنگل) in Iraqi Kurdistan. 


The village was mostly farmers who worked the land. According to a former resident, they grew wheat, rice, and raised cattle. The synagogue was not a standalone building but rather they would pray in a room in one of the houses. They would sit on the floor and they did not always have a Torah available, it took a number of years until someone purchased one. 

Similarly, there was not a full time teacher for the young boys who wanted to study, but rather a traveling teacher would visit the village to teach. 

The cemetery was on the outskirts of the village. 

Gir Zangil, Iraq

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