WWII Vichy Labor Camp, Bou Arfa, Morocco

The World War II Vichy Labor Camp located in Bou Arfa (Bouarfa), Morocco. 


Bou Arfa, a town far south along the railway from Tendrara, “was home to the largest Vichy-era labor camp in Morocco, located near the main train station. According to the Red Cross, 818 people were interned there as of July 1942.” As such, Bou Arfa’’s camp had three satellite camps, one of which was Ain el-Ourak, located near an old mine south of Bou Arfa. According to historian Robert Satloff, Ain el-Ourak “served until May 1942 as the main ‘discipline’ site for Bou Arfa laborers. When French officers sold the site to a local Arab notable for 100,000 francs, they moved the camp to a place called Foum Deflah.”

Bou Arfa, Morocco

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