Slat Al Kabira (Great Synagogue), Benghazi, Libya

The Slat Al Kabira (בית כנסת הגדול, Great Synagogue) in Benghazi (בנג'זי, بنغازي), Libya (לוב, ليبيا).


This synagogue is today a Coptic Church. The synagogue had daily minyanim. The first floor was used for a minyan for young people, led by Rabbi Rahmin Madar (that later become the Chief Rabbi of Benghazi). The synagoge was used also as a Yeshiva of Rabbis and a couple of Mekoubalim (Rav Eliahu Labi, Rav Khmmus El Fellah). 

In about 1964, the Talmud Torah ceased to be its own building and classes were moved into this building. 

Benghazi, Libya

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