Cemetery at Ighil'n'Ogho, Morocco

A silent walk through the abandoned Jewish cemetery of Ighil’n'Ogho reveals human bones, shattered graves, and one remarkably intact headstone in Hebrew. The village is located in the Talouine region of southern Morocco and once had a large Jewish population. Many of the local Jews were merchants and itinerant peddlers – often of saffron, a regional specialty.


This tour begins at the oldest end of the cemetery, where what seems to have once been a small ritual room now shows evidence of local Amazigh (Berber) women’s ablutions; the women wash themselves inside in the superstitious hope of getting pregnant. Note the clothing, water-jugs, and even plastic soap bottles scattered throughout the cemetery.

Ighil n'Ogho - Abandoned Jewish Cemetery in Morocco

Moving beyond this ritual “room,” what appear to be random rocks are actually grouped into clumps marking centuries-old graves. Smaller clumps may indicate the graves of children. Newer and better preserved graves — made of concrete — become visible as the tour heads toward the main road leading into the village.

Ighil'n'Ogho , Morocco

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